This morning, on my to school on the train, I prayed sooooooo hard that MBJ would have spaghetti today. And just like that, as I walked into the cafeteria after class, my faith has been renewed. Thank you MBJ!!!

Kristal Wilkins

Love it!! Excellent staff, excellent people, excellent service!!!!

Marco Milo

The Caribbean Salad is an AMAZING salad. Its has an amazing spice, sweet and tangy flavor to it and don't forget the crunch. I advise you try.

Dominque Mendez-Rose

What a pleasure to work with Aldana (MBJ) who interpreted our event needs creatively and with an eye to value. The evening ran so smoothly that guests never noticed the wheels turning - the highest compliment. And follow-up was friendly and helpful. I look forward to our next collaboration.

Ruth Riddick